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Hardwood Flooring by Room
Things to Consider
Bathroom Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are a great option for the well-ventilated bathroom. Nothing adds warmth, personality and easy luxury to a home quite like hardwood flooring in the bathroom. Even the most beautiful bathrooms can feel cold and austere -- hardwood flooring adds personality, and instantly makes the room more approachable.

Our engineered hardwood flooring is an especially suitable option for bathrooms because it won't buckle and warp like traditional solid wood planks. Our engineered hardwoods are more flexible than solid hardwood floors, and all of our floors come with 8 coats of Valspar Finish so they're highly resistant to humidity. There's really no better way to soften-up a room filled with so many hard surfaces!


This content is provided by our interior design partner firm Larson+Shores.