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Hardwood Flooring by Room
Things to Consider
Bedroom Hardwood Flooring

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It's an intimate space that should be equal parts simplicity, comfort, and your personal style. Bedroom hardwood floors should fall in line with this philosophy, as they're (literally) the foundation of the entire room.

Sleek floors with a simple grain pattern are great if your style is patterned, plush and luxurious. This way, your floors won't compete for attention. If your style is easygoing and neutral in color, then you may want yourhardwood floors to be more of a focal point. You can achieve this by choosing varying plank widths or a species with a pronounced and distressed grain, or even a couple different species that contrast with one another! This is where your personality comes in, because the bedroom is where you are completely free to be yourself.

To find the best hardwood floors for your bedroom please use our hardwood selection tool.


This content is provided by our interior design partner firm Larson+Shores.